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Jack Anderson  Bagpiper Serving the Florida Treasure Coast

Treasure Coast Bagpiper

Email: [email protected] | Phone: 720-333-6107

[email protected] 720-333-6107

Let's discuss how I can make your special event more memorable with the stirring sound of the Great Highland Bagpipe or the Small Pipes!

What exactly is your event?

What is the venue for this occasion?

Will it be indoors or outdoors?

What type of occasion is this? Joyous and upbeat? Solemn and commemorative? Elevated and stately?

Certain tunes are more appropriate for some entire events; or at different stages of an event.

The placing of the bagpiper at the particular venue is a question to consider. I can be stationary and stand in a particular spot. Or moving in a march mode. This is a question that couples particularly need to consider for their wedding.

If you call or email me we can consider the details of your occasion and decide what best suits your plans!

[email protected] 720-333-6107

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